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Tarot Journey for March 8, 2014: Empress, Hanged Man, and The World

For the Tarot Journeys in 2014, we’ll be taking a numerological tour of the Tarot. OnMarch 8, we’ll look at all of the cards that are Threes – Empress, Hanged Man, and the World, as well as the Minor Arcana Threes. What does their numerological link say to us in a reading? What other connections do these cards have? How can we work with the energy of the Threes to deepen our readings?

Bring your cards, notebook and pen, and your ideas on trinity!

The workshop features discussions, practical exercises, and direct, personal exploration of the cards.

Each class runs from 1:00 — 4:30 pm, held at the Mission Alchemy Event Space.

Due to space considerations, we request that you preregister for the class on the Tarot Media Company store.

See you in March!