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Oracularpalooza! The Class – October 5, 2013 1:00pm – 5:00 pm

For as long as we’ve been human we’ve been curious about our lives, our selves, our potential, our future. An astounding range of systems and tools have been developed to explore that terrain, many of which are also games and forms of gambling. We’ve even developed meteorology and the stock market (although we won’t address such imprecise and flawed systems in this class).

We will study and discuss the value and uses of the divinatory impulse, including fortunetelling and fortune creation (as James Wanless likes to call it). Spend a few hours exploring oracular tools and systems, including (but not limited to) Tarot and non tarot card systems, oracle decks, runes, omens and so much more. We will look at the history of oracles and their importance in modern life, and through play and experimentation we will discover whole worlds of wonderful information and insight!

All levels of interest and experience welcome. If you wish, feel free to bring your own favourite oracular tools and toys.


Address and directions will be provided with your registration confirmation. Due to space considerations, we request that you preregister for the class.