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New from Rachel Pollack – Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings

We’re thrilled to announce that Rachel Pollack’s newest book, “Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings” will be available October 18!

Rachel Pollack's "Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings"

Earlier reviews share this insight:

Reading Soul Forest is like curling up with Rachel Pollack for a long weekend. Pollack’s original voice entertains as it educates. She raises the art of tarot and self examination to new heights and the view is magnificent. ~ Sasha Graham, author of Tarot Diva




Brilliantly crafted! Rachel proves that there are no limits to tarot. From organizing poetry to crafting readings for God, and from finding out “Who are the dead?” to “Who am I,” Rachel crosses unchartered barriers. That little pack of cards packs big messages of wisdom in the Soul Forest. ~Donnaleigh de LaRose, International Educational Tarot Radio Podcast Host



Rachel Pollack has done it again! With these writings we go to a place of discovery in which Pollack demonstrates how to examine the big questions and issues that face all of us in our relationships with the Divine, ourselves, our neighbors and even our enemies. Not only will you learn new spreads but also intriguing ways to interact with the images on your cards. I encourage you to explore the wisdom of the tarot with a master speaker of mysteries. ~ Mary K. Greer, author of Who Are You In The Tarot?, Tarot for Yourself, and numerous books on Tarot 


We’re taking orders at the Tarot Media Company shop, so you can reserve your copy.