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New: Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences!

We’re delighted to introduce Moon Garden Essences, created by Anastasia Haysler. Each aromatherapy essence is made using organic herbs and flowers. Each essence is steeped during the moon cycle which enhances its attributes, and absorbs both the light of the moon and the sun as it processes.

Unlike essential oils or synthetic fragrances, Moon Garden aromatherapy essences are a light scent, suitable for use indoors. The essences offer a convenient alternative to burning incense or relying on synthetic scents, both of which may trigger allergic reactions and/or fire alarms.

We use a tiny amount of potassium sorbate as a mild preservative.  Even though it’s a food-grade preservative, please do not ingest the essences. They are for external use only.

The line currently features seven scents: Clove, Lavender, Mugwort, Patchouli, Poppy, Red Rose, and Rosemary. Head over to our web store to shop now!

Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences

Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences

Gift Suggestion of the Day – Stars In Jars Essence Spray: Solstice Lightning Storm

Daily Gift Idea-Stars in Jars Essence Spray: Solstice Lightning Storm grounds out unnecessary and disharmonious energies and clears the aura of static energy. Aids recovery from trauma.

An essence is a vibrational remedy that carries the vital life force energy or “soul signature” of a specific flower, gem, planetary influence, nature phenomenon, or environment.

Vibrational remedies are unlike herbal tinctures and essential oils, they are a wholly unique approach to working with flowers and plants.



Gift Suggestion of the Day -Stars in jars Essences: Faerie Cross Spray

Daily Gift Idea-Stars in jars Essences: Faerie Cross Spray calls forth enchantment & awakens insight into hidden matters.

Each of the formulas is created in sacred space combining some or all of the following, flower essences, gem elixirs, environmental and cosmic vibrations.

The creators gather from the Elements: Earth, Water, Sun/Moon or Star light, and Air. In addition to the plant and gem kingdoms, they work with the rhythms of the natural world; the turning of seasons, weather phenomenon, planetary influences, and locations on the planet known for their unique energy properties. They add to this powerful combination by invoking the higher energies of the Cosmos and the universal energy of Love to bless and raise the vibration.