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Welcome to Tarot Media Company! You can see what's new and interesting, and peruse all the wonderful Tarot offerings in our Shop. You can learn more about our company and our goal of promoting the work of Tarot authors, artists, and scholars to make their creations available to the Tarot public and to support them in their goal of right livelihood.

Autumn Sale at the Tarot Media Company Store!

It’s finally feeling like autumn, and we think that’s cause for celebration—and a sale! Use the code “autumn” at checkout for 15% off your Tarot Media Company store merchandise order of $25 or more, through September 30!*

*The Fine Print: Shipping and tax do not count towards the $25—you have to buy $25 worth of goodies! Discount does not apply to Rare and OOP items, Consultations, Classes, or Workshops.

Happy shopping!

Rune Workshop for August: Perthro and Gar

Join teacher and writer Anastasia Haysler for a monthly rune workshop from the comfort of your home! Each month, we’ll look at a pair of runes in detail—their names, descriptions in the various Rune Poems, associations and interpretations both historical and modern, and ways of working with their energies to make your readings rich, deep, and meaningful.

Perthro is the rune of the dice cup, of taking a chance, not knowing what the outcome may be, while having specific hopes and desired results in mind. Gar is the rune of the unknown and unknowable. We’ll explore how their energies mesh (or not), and how they influence a reading, individually or as a pair.
This online workshop is held at 7:00 PM Pacific Time, and runs for 90 minutes. We use a Google Hangout for real-time video and audio during the workshop. The link for the workshop will be sent the Monday prior to the event.
Each workshop is a stand-alone event, so you don’t have to attend all of them. It’s more fun if you do, of course, but it’s not required!
You can register on our web store at
See you online August 1!

New: Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences!

We’re delighted to introduce Moon Garden Essences, created by Anastasia Haysler. Each aromatherapy essence is made using organic herbs and flowers. Each essence is steeped during the moon cycle which enhances its attributes, and absorbs both the light of the moon and the sun as it processes.

Unlike essential oils or synthetic fragrances, Moon Garden aromatherapy essences are a light scent, suitable for use indoors. The essences offer a convenient alternative to burning incense or relying on synthetic scents, both of which may trigger allergic reactions and/or fire alarms.

We use a tiny amount of potassium sorbate as a mild preservative.  Even though it’s a food-grade preservative, please do not ingest the essences. They are for external use only.

The line currently features seven scents: Clove, Lavender, Mugwort, Patchouli, Poppy, Red Rose, and Rosemary. Head over to our web store to shop now!

Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences

Moon Garden Aromatherapy Essences

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