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Welcome to Tarot Media Company! You can see what's new and interesting, and peruse all the wonderful Tarot offerings in our Shop. You can learn more about our company and our goal of promoting the work of Tarot authors, artists, and scholars to make their creations available to the Tarot public and to support them in their goal of right livelihood.

Today’s Out-of-Print Spotlight: The Tarot of the Master Special Edition

Today we present The Tarot of the Master Special Edition – #19 of a limited edition of 250, by Giovanni Vacchetta.

Originally published at the end of the nineteenth century in black and white, Michela Guadenzi has skillfully colored Giovanni Vacchetta’s inspiring Major Arcana and elegant pip cards. A teacher of art at the Polytechnic of Turin and a patron of the arts, Vacchetta incorporated some Masonic symbolism into this masterful deck. The cards were designed as if he were carving them from marble. The images have a sense of material solidity, yet are characterized by graceful lines. An important historic reproduction modified for modern audiences by the addition of delicate color, this deck will be of interest to collectors and readers alike. Vacchetta was not only a skilled artist but also a scholar and learned iconographist.

This is set #19 of a limited edition of 250, with the title card autographed by the author.


Today’s Out-of-Print Spotlight: The Ancient Tarots of Bologna


The Ancient Tarots of Bologna is an exquisite reproduction of one of the earliest Italian decks. The worn, aged look of the cards, coupled with the soft, rich hues of green, blue, brown, and gold work together in a presentation that is ancient and mysterious-like a soft whisper from the past beckoning the reader to listen quietly to the wisdom of the cards. We have a copy, just for you!

Ancient Tarots of Bologna

Ancient Tarots of Bologna

Out-of-Print Deck Spotlight: The Tarot of Jamie Hankin

The Tarot of Jamie Hankin is next on our list of out-of-print decks we have available!

Jamie Hankin is a New York based photographer, who in 1999 created a twenty-two card Tarot as a showcase and promotional piece for his photography skills. In his deck, the Tarot archetypes are illustrated through costume and prop, pose and lighting, and feature black and white photographs of women posed in a photographic studio.

Tarot of Jamie Hanking, Out of Print

Tarot of Jamie Hanking, Out of Print


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